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Project Description
Improves Orchard CMS performance by caching the navigation menu system. Works for logged in or anonymous users. Cache is automatically cleared on new publish.

Rework.NavigationCache developed out of my analysis (using MiniProfiler) of the slowest performance factor on my websites being the navigation. If you have a small website, this may not be an issue for you. However, if you are building a larger website, want to take advantage of breadcrumbs, and just plain want to speed up your site this module may be fore you. On my sites it shaved off more than 2 seconds.

How it works:
  • The system caches the menu widget to the logged in user (or the anonymous user) so it will work whether a user is authenticated or not
  • It uses a relatively "deep" copy method to make this work otherwise there would be problems as the navigation menu is different on each page
  • This module will be analyzed in light of any 1.7 changes which are coming out though I believe it will still be needed.
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