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Question about resetting cache on publish

first post: dpomt wrote: Hello Jeff, wow. Thanks a lot for sharing this great module. My si...

latest post: dpomt wrote: Thanks for your quick Feedback. I agree that the module should not...

Support for upcoming Orchard 1.9 release

first post: dpomt wrote: Does this module work in the upcoming Orchard 1.9 release or are mo...

latest post: dpomt wrote: good news, thanks :)

Intermittent NHibernate related errors

first post: joshby wrote: We're using the most recent version of the Rework.NavigationCache m...

latest post: jao28 wrote: Yes, fragment output caching would be the best. Orchard could also ...

Worked a treat for me

first post: beebul wrote: Great work to the guys who created this navigation cache - I would ...

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